Services of Transfer Pricing

Hottest tax issue worldwide

Transfer pricing documentation is considered as the number one tax issue worldwide for the corporate Groups. The Greek tax authorities are increasing their efforts in order to ensure the correct implementation of transfer pricing rules and legislation.

The right strategy at the epicenter

Large, medium and small businesses are called daily to solve the difficult equation with the two main variables: achieving a tax optimization with simultaneous compliance with legislation. Over the years, compliance with transfer pricing has become a growing risk for each company that is not exempted from the provisions of the framework. At the same time, new opportunities arise that an organization can take advantage of by following the right strategy. With the appropriate preparation and guidance in detail, transfer pricing can be proved a passable obstacle for each corporation.

Our company provides customized solutions that include:

  • Transfer Pricing policy design and assistance with implementation
  • Master file and local file preparation
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Support and defense in a tax audit
  • Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs)

Specialized tools

Our projects are executed with the help of the external database Amadeus and other databases that our firm has access to. The bases include, inter alia, such as:

  • Published financial statements of Eastern and Western Europe companies
  • Comparative data with companies of similar size and business
  • Analysis of the Corporate Structure (B.D members, Executives)
  • Locating parent companies and shareholders
  • Correlation of companies with common ownership status

The above data can be used in the process of documenting transfer pricing, ensuring that the TP file will be well prepared and there will be no “surprises” in case of a tax inspection, since the same data basis is used by the tax authorities (AADE).